Irving Blending and Packaging was proud to present the first double-header weekend of the season this past weekend.

Friday night saw action from the Limited Late Model class, the Mister Transmission Mini Stocks, the Westwood Estates Street Stocks and the return of the Women On Wheels division.

Defending WoW division champion Brenda “high-side” Shortell used the outside groove to her advantage around Paula Evans with just a few laps to go to click off another victory. Evans would finish 2nd with bad luck finally shaking itself free from Ellen Smith as she found 3rd.

Evans won the 10 lap heat race to kick off the evening.

For the Mister Transmission Mini Stock division, it was a four car battle up front between JR Lawson, Mike Weagle, Mike Edwards and Tim Webster. None of the four competitors were strangers to the podium in the division in 2017. Lapped traffic proved to be a factor, providing lots of thread-the-needle action and three-wide racing.

Shubenacadie, NS’s JR Lawson would come out on top as the checkers fell. Mike Weagle, a former track champion would end up 2nd with Mike Edwards getting the final podium spot.

Patricia Taylor and Tim Webster were heat winners.

In the Westwood Estates Street Stock division, it was James Matchett finally cracking the podium behind the wheel of Tom Nicholls’ Taylor Built Rentals #1. Matchett cruised to an easy win early and was never challenged. It was however, quite a battle for 2nd. Chuck Mercer, who was going for his 2nd win in a row, started deep in the field and found himself on the podium following a flurry of cautions near the midpoint of the 30 lap feature. Mike Duskey of Albany, PEI was also a contender and settled for 3rd on the podium.

Logan Power and Chuck Mercer were heat winners.

In the Limited Late Model Division, two Parts For Trucks Pro Stock Tour drivers joined our field for our first 100 lap feature of the year. Shawn Turple was behind the wheel of the Dulux Paints Bayers Lake #41 with Craig Slaunwhite climbing behind the wheel of Jordan Veinotte’s #11 for the night.

Turple led from lap 2 to 30 as Kenny Mackenzie Jr worked his way up towards the front, claiming the lead for good following that. Mackenzie would then cruise to the victory. Slaunwhite worked his way up to 2nd and held on after a tough battle with Neal Crawford. A few cautions slowed the event.

Turple and Mackenzie Jr were heat winners.

Saturday was a busy day for teams with the Irving Blending & Packaging 150 for the Parts For Trucks Pro Stock Tour. The first NB stop for the Maritime League of Legends Tour happened as well with the Cummins 50 presented by Petitcodiac Supervariety. Our very own Leisure Days RV Bandoleros were also in action.

In our Leisure Days RV Bandoleros, it was a double-duty driver going to victory lane. Josh Langille, scheduled to drive Arnie Spinney’s #17 Legend, kicked off his night with a 20 lap feature win over Nathan Blackburn & Sam Rogers. Langille took the lead late over Blackburn using the outside groove and found himself in Victory Lane.

In the Maritime League of Legends division, former Bandolero standout Braden Langille brought his Velocity Machining & Welding #51 to the front and never relinquished the lead over the course of the 50 lap event. Cory Hall closed quickly towards the end, but it was Langille holding on as the checkers flew. Waylon Farrell, the defending series champion found himself going back to Conception Bay South, NL with a 3rd.

Shane Lively and Cory Hall were heat winners.

In the Parts For Trucks Pro Stock Tour, one of the standout events of the season saw Dylan Blenkhorn and Cole Butcher swap the lead between them close to a dozen times over the course of the Irving Blending & Packaging 150. Both had to trade some paint to retake each other’s leads, but neither of slid too far back in the process.

In the end, it was Dylan Blenkhorn claiming win #3 on the year over Butcher. Jonathan Hicken hung around the top 5 or 6 spots for the majority of the event, but with Dylan Gosbee finding the turn 4 wall and contact between Greg Proude and Darren Mackinnon throwing a wrench in their plans, Hicken was able to cruise to 3rd in the late stages.

Dylan Blenkhorn, Cole Butcher and Dylan Gosbee were all heat winners to kick off the evening.

Our next event is the Caleb Dunn Memorial Mid Season Championships on Saturday August 5. Racing will continue with the Limited Late Models, Street Stocks, Mini Stocks and Bandoleros, along with the Atlantic Modified Tour and the Women On Wheels division. 6PM will be the start time that night.
Leisure Days RV Centre Bandolero
20 Laps

1.  18 Josh Langille
2.  44 Nathan Blackburn
3.  12 Sam Rogers
4.  87 Danny Chisholm
5.  03 Colton Noble
6.  11 Koven Lewis
7.  66 Owen Mahar
8.  3 Nathan Langille
9.  2 Matthew Rushton
10.  10 Evan Lane
11.  11 Ben Israel
12.  61 Tanner MacLean

Heat Winners - 44 Nathan Blackburn
                       03 Colton Noble
Mister Transmission Mini Stock
25 Laps

1.  81 JR Lawson
2.  60 Mike Weagle
3.  89 Mike Edwards
4.  86 Tim Webster
5.  5 Scott Habkirk
6.  55 Denis Morin
7.  10 Patricia Taylor
8.  18 Eugene Weagle
9.  46 Ryan MacKnight
10.  11 Jonathan Mahar
11.  00 Michael Savoie
12.  0 Rob Poirier (DNS)
13.  66 Chris Garnett (DNS)

Heat Winners - 10 Patricia Taylor
                       86 Time Webster
Westwood Estates Street Stocks 
30 Laps

1.  1 James Matchett
2.  2 Chuck Mercer
3.  42 Mike Duskey
4.  58 Logan Power
5.  55 Ryan Richard
6.  60 Eric Matthews
7.  47 Shawn Furlong
8.  01 Adam Lemon
9.  68 Michael Cormier
10.  16 Caleb Layton
11.  08 Curtis Moase
12.  87 Nick Cudmore

Heat Winners - 2 Chuck Mercer
                      58 Logan Power
Women on Wheels
15 Laps

1.  44 Brenda Shortell
2.  88 Paula Evans
3.  76 Ellen Smith
4.  2 Lauralee Blackburn
5.  41 Kaila Smith

Heat Winner - 88 Paula Evans
Limited Late Model 
75 Laps

1.  85 Ken Mackenzie Jr
2.  11 Shawn Slaunwhite
3.  92 Neal Crawford
4.  41 Shawn Turple
5.  3 Justin Beers
6.  29 Matt Maillet
7.  03 Bert Cormier
8.  30 Marcel Leblanc
9.  15 Dan Duke
10. 33 Byron Bartlett

Heat Winners - 41 Shawn Turple
                      85 Ken Mackenzie Jr
Parts for Trucks Pro Stock Tour
Irving Blending & Packaging 150

1.  67 Dylan Blenkhorn
2.  53 Cole Butcher
3.  5 Jonathan Hicken
4.  0 Shawn Turple
5.  54 Jarrett Butcher
6.  21 Shawn Pierce
7.  18 Darren MacKinnon
8.  29 Greg Proude
9.  99 Craig Slaunwhite
10.  8 Kent Vincent
11.  56 Josh Collins
12.  14 Terry Dougay
13.  52 Chris Hughes
14.  72 Michael Kyle
15.  30 Steve Lively
16.  41 Mike Rodgers
17.  91 Dylan Gosbee
18.  94 DJ Casey
19.  08 Nicholas Naugle
20.  02 Craig Ward
Double-Header Weekend feat. Irving Blending & Packaging MPST 150 - July 21-22, 2017
Jesse Thompson
July 21/17 Photo Gallery
Maritime League of Legends Tour
Cummins 50

1.  50 Braden Langille
2.  08 Cory Hall
3.  48 Waylon Farrell
4.  38 Darren Sherwood
5.  10 Justin MacNeill
6.  13 Wyatt McCulloch
7.  57 Paul Goulden
8.  6 Adam Meehan
9.  75 Emily Meehan
10.  33 Gary Dunning
11.  4 Kevin MacDonald
12.  36 Tony Gaudet
13.  8 Gary Bordage
14.  91 Craig Chisholm
15.  54 Matt Myers
16.  2 Kody Quinn
17.  28 Kyle Shipley
18.  22 Shane Lively
19.  17 Josh Langille

Heat Winners: 22 Shane Lively
                     08 Cory Hall