The River Glade International
The Oldest Stock Car Race in Canada

The River Glade International event was founded in 1965 by Canadian and Maritime Motorsport Hall of Fame member Ernie McLean and his wife Winona; and has been held every year since until 2009 when River Glade Speedway closed. The "International" was started to mark the anniversary of River Glade Speedway, which hosted the event until 2009.

2011 marked the debut of the River Glade International at Petty International Raceway. Along with the race came the transfer of the majestic River Glade International trophy which has the names of every winner engraved on it.

The River Glade International at Petty International Raceway will be comprised of two segments for two divisions, a pro stock 200 and sportsman 100, further saluting the heritage of the event which from 1965 to 1985 was for late models, and from 1989 to 2009 was for sportsman. 1986 to 1988 saw a split format, similar to the "new" Petty era.
The inaugural winner of the River Glade International in 1965 was John Shirtliff from Ontario, shown here with event founder Ernie McLean (left).

Thirty-nine different drivers have won the International with 10 of them claiming the trophy more than once; local hero Frank Fraser, originally from the Moncton area - now a longtime resident of Shubenacadie, NS, leads the way with six wins in the historic event. Other multi-time winners include Jim Hallahan (1966, 1968), Don Biederman (1969, 1970), Adelard Cormier (1967, 1973), Greg Sewart (1983, 1984, 1987), Tim Rodgers (1990, 1993, 1997, 1998), Dave Mollins (1994, 1995), Ken MacKenzie (2000, 2001), Gary Hicks (2005, 2006), and Mike Power Jr. (2008, 2009).

Who will be next to have their name engraved on the illustrious trophy?

River Glade International | Winners Circle

1965       John Shirtliff
1966       Jim Hallahan
1967       Adelard Cormier
1968       Jim Hallahan
1969       Don Biederman
1970       Don Biederman
1971       Junior Hanley
1972       Jimmy Dunn
1973       Adelard Cormier
1974       Frank Fraser
1975       Frank Fraser
1976       Caleb Dunn
1977       Earl Ross
1978       Frank Fraser
1979       Frank Fraser
1980       Frank Fraser
1981       Paul Hebert
1982       Frank Fraser
1983       Greg Sewart
1984       Greg Sewart
1985       Bobby Yuille
1986       Pierre Arsenault (LM) | Ray McCray (SP)
1987       Greg Sewart (LM) | Brad Mann (SP)

1988       Pierre Allain | Jim MacPherson
1989       Paul Lewis
1990       Tim Rodgers
1991       Ken Crosthwaite
1992       Paul Lewis
1993       Tim Rodgers
1994       Dave Mollins
1995       Dave Mollins
1996       Dave O’Blenis
1997       Tim Rodgers
1998       Tim Rodgers
1999       Terry Charters
2000       Ken MacKenzie
2001       Ken MacKenzie
2002       Zean Dutcher
2003       Fred Prosser
2004       Jim Dunham
2005       Gary Hicks
2006       Gary Hicks
2007       Wayne Wormell
2008       Mike Power Jr.
2009       Mike Power Jr.

The Petty International Raceway Era of the River Glade International

2011       Kent Vincent (PS100) | Dave O'Blenis (SP100)
2012       Shawn Turple (PS150) | Russell Smith Jr (SP150)
2013       Shawn Tucker (PS150) | Laurie Cormier (SP150)
2014       Jonathan Hicken (PS150) | Russell Smith Jr. (SP100)
2015       Craig Slaunwhite (PS150) | Laurie Cormier (SP100)
2016       Craig Slaunwhite (PS150) | Luc Bourgeois (SP100)
2017       Shawn Turple (PS200) | Kenny Mackenzie Jr (LLM125)
2018       Jonathan Hicken (PS200) | Jordan Veinotte (LLM125)
2019       Dylan Blenkhorn (PS200) | Laurie Cormier (LLM100)