Clear Choice Towing Sportsman 100 &
MS/WoW/Sportsman Championships, Sept. 10, 2016
Jesse Thompson
Mister Transmission Mini Stock
50 Laps

1. 60 Mike Weagle
2. 0 Rob Poirier
3. 81 JR Lawson
4. 86 Tim Webster
5. 30 Chantel Ackles
6. 58 Logan Power
7. 67 Scott Thibodeau
8. 10 Patricia Taylor
9. 71 Tom Stewart
10. 5 Scott Habkirk
11. 57 Kyle Boudreau
12. 63 Chris Garnett
13. 72 Rob Boutilier
14. 13 Harley Cornish
15. 00 Martin Landry
16. 53 Eugene Weagle
17. 55 Tony Belliveau (DNS)

Heat Winners - Mike Weagle, Rob Poirier

2016 Champion: 86 Tim Webster
2016 Rookie Champion: 55 Tony Belliveau
Leisure Days RV Centre Bandolero
25 Laps - Feature 1

1. 68 Michael Cormier
2. 18 Josh Langille
3. 12 Sam Rogers
4. 44 Nathan Blackburn
5. 11 Koven Lewis
6. 03 Colton Noble
7. 13 Max Alward
8. 3 Nathan Langille
9. 17 Dylan Dowe
10. 81 Nathan Singer
11. 87 Danny Chisholm
12. 88 Greg Butler
13. 0 Tanton Wooldridge

25 Laps - Feature 2

1. 68 Michael Cormier
2. 03 Colton Noble
3. 12 Sam Rogers
4. 18 Josh Langille
5. 44 Nathan Blackburn
6. 87 Danny Chisholm
7. 3 Nathan Langille
8. 13 Max Alward
9. 17 Dylan Dowe
10. 81 Nathan Singer
11. 88 Greg Butler
12. 0 Tanton Wooldridge
13. 11 Koven Lewis

Heat Winners - Nathan Blackburn, Michael Cormier
Extreme Window and Entrance System Street Stocks 
50 Laps

1. 02 Craig Ward
2. 48 Courtney O'Blenis
3. 42 Mike Duskey
4. 87 Nick Cudmore
5. 92 Jeff McInnis
6. 2 Cliff Mercer
7. 50 Bob Prosser
8. 52 Destiny Enkel
9. 6 Tim Layton
10. 21 Patrick Horne
11. 55 Ryan Richard
12. 44 Jamie Creamer

Heat Winners - Mike Duskey, Courtney O'Blenis
Women on Wheels
15 Laps

1. 88 Paula Evans
2. 44 Brenda Shortell
3. 76 Ellen Smith
4. 2 Ashley Campbell
5. 41 Kaila Smith
6. 85 Sherry Mackenzie
7. 14 Rhonda Chambers
8. 33 Corrie O'Blenis

Heat Winner - Brenda Shortell

2016 Champion: 44 Brenda Shortell
Clear Choice Towing
Sportsman 100

1. 74 Alexandra O'Blenis
2. 85 Ken Mackenzie Jr.
3. 88 Luc Bourgeois
4. 53 Laurie Cormier
5. 14 Andrew Rodgers
6. 41 Mike Power Jr.
7. 29 Matt Maillet
8. 24 Marc Williams
9. 90 Wayne Miller
10. 5D Dana Duncan
11. 94 Ryan Raynes
12. 10 Corey Collins
13. 3 Bert Cormier
14. 05 Fred Schofield
15. 5 Kyle Orr

2016 Champion: 88 Luc Bourgeois

Heat Winners - Mike Power Jr., Andrew Rodgers
As the year winds down, championships needed to be decided in 3 of our main divisions at Petty International Raceway during the Clear Choice Towing 100.

Our Women On Wheels division was our newest division for 2016 and going into Saturday night, it had been Ashley Campbell and Brenda Shortell leading the points as they split the previous two events. They were the ones to watch as the final feature kicked off.

Paula Evans had something to say about that.

Evans took the lead early, and after numerous late charges by Shortell, was able to hold on and make it three winners in three events. Shortell's 2nd place run gave her the championship overall for the division and Ellen Smith, who was in contention to win both events previously finally shook bad luck and brought the #76 home in 3rd. Shortell won the only heat for the division.

Our Leisure Days RV Bandoleros had twin 25's as they headed into the points finale on the Mike Stevens Memorial weekend. Michael Cormier led the points going into the event and reminded everyone that he will be a threat to win this title as he swept both events. The first 25 was a landslide victory for the New Brunswick driver, winning over Josh Langille and Sam Rogers.

The 2nd 25 was a little tougher for the 68 as he started nearly shotgun on the grid and worked his way up to 2nd as a caution flew. It looked as though Colton Noble would hold on to win the event, but Cormier was strong on the outside and took the 2nd 25. Noble ended up 3rd as Sam Rogers grabbed the runner up spot. Nathan Blackburn and Michael Cormier were the heat winners earlier in the evening.

In the Mr Transmission Mini Stocks, it was Mike Weagle once again winning in dominating fashion, but it was not enough for the defending champion to go back-to-back overall. Tim Webster would continue a season of solid runs, ending up 4th at the line and giving him the cushion he needed to claim the title in what appeared to be a dream season for the driver. Rob Poirier was gridlocked in a battle with JR Lawson and came home 2nd with Lawson getting 3rd. Weagle and Poirier got the heat races. Tony Belliveau was our Rookie of the year for 2016.

In the Extreme Windows & Entrance Systems Street Stocks, Craig Ward once again put a strong run together and was able to win yet another feature on the high banks. Ward, who was ecstatic about his previous international win has high hopes about his title chances as he leads going into the finale on the 24th. Albany's Mike Duskey came home 3rd with Courtney O' Blenis getting the runner up spot in her return to Street Stock racing at Petty. Duskey and O' Blenis claimed heat wins.

For our Late Model Sportsman division, they had 100 laps to decide a champion on the high banks and once again, it was Luc Bourgeois being crowned a back-to-back champion. Bourgeois ended up 3rd in the main event, slowly working his way through the field over the course of a long green flag run. Much like in the Caleb Dunn Memorial 150, Alexandra O' Blenis, on her birthday, was able to cruise to Victory Lane over Kenny MacKenzie Jr who stayed in her tire tracks over the course of the event. It looked as if two-time international winner Mike Power Jr would go back to Victory Lane after a 3 year absence from Sportsman competition. Power led the first 60+ laps before fading to outside the top 5. Heat wins went to Andrew Rodgers and Mike Power Jr.

The next event for Petty International Raceway is the 3rd annual Mike Stevens Memorial presented by R Stevens Mechanical and Carnahan Property Management on Sept 23/24.