Mike Stevens Memorial conclusion & Season Finale, October 8/2016:
Jesse Thompson
Leisure Days RV Centre Bandolero
20 Laps

1. 18 Josh Langille
2. 68 Michael Cormier
3. 3 Nathan Langille
4. 88 Greg Butler
5. 71 Chase McKay
6. 11 Koven Lewis
7. 13 Max Alward (DNS)

Heat Winner - Michael Cormier
Extreme Window & Entrance System Street Stocks 
30 Laps

1.  02 Craig Ward
2.  13 Brad McLean
3.  92 Jeff McInnis
4.  52 Destiny Enkel
5.  41 Rob Raynes
6.  08 Matt Vaughan
7.  50 Dan Duke
8.  2w Chris Wilson
9.  95 Bryan Ellis
10.  9 Cuyler Byrne

Heat Winners - Jeff McInnis, Brad McLean

Petty International Raceway is proud to be sanctioned by:
River Glade, New Brunswick
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Mister Transmission Mini Stock
25 Laps

1.  60 Mike Weagle
2.  86 Tim Webster
3.  99 Dave Matthews
4.  10 Patricia Taylor
5.  67 Cody Byrne
6.  58 Logan Power
7.  53 Eugene Weagle
8.  5 Scott Habkirk
9.  55 Tony Belliveau
10.  13 Harley Cornish
11.  60c Shane Cudmore
12.  72 Keith Wasson
13.  35 Jonathan Mahar
14.  63 Chris Garnett

Heat Winners - Dave Matthews, Mike Weagle
Petty International Raceway, thanks to Mother Nature, was forced to delay the end of its season until October 8 and when that day came, we saw some great racing.

Carrying over from September 25, our first order of business was to complete the Mr Transmission Mini Stock feature which had 11 laps left.

Mike Weagle was the initial dominant car in that event, but a practice crash brought his day to a halt momentarily, leaving Dave Matthews to score the win over Logan Power and first time podium placer Patricia Taylor.

Then we moved into heat racing which saw Michael Cormier get the win for the Leisure Days RV Bandoleros. Dave Matthews and Mike Weagle, who got the car repaired from practice, picked up Mini Stock Heats. Jeff MacInnis and Brad MacLean were Extreme Windows & Entrance Systems Street Stock heat winners. Doug Matchett and Justin Beers both grabbed Atlantic Modified Tour heat wins. No Late Model Sportsman heats were run.

Feature action got underway with the Leisure Days RV Bandoleros. It looked as if Michael Cormier would cruise to victory, but a few solid restarts allowed Josh Langille to take the top spot and hold on in a photo finish. Nathan Langille would end up 3rd.

The Extreme Windows and Entrance Systems Street Stocks were next and track champion Craig Ward found success, taking the lead just before halfway and ended up with the victory over Brad MacLean and Jeff MacInnis.

The Atlantic Modified Tour held another great feature as Tom Betts took the lead from Kevin Bailey near the midway point and got yet another victory in the Village Family Restaurant #2. Bailey held on for 2nd with Mike Raeburn taking 3rd after tire issues during the 50 lapper.

The Mr Transmission Mini Stocks would run an extra 25 lap feature and this time it was Mike Weagle getting the upper hand and ending up in Victory Lane. Tim Webster stayed near the front to take the runner up spot and Dave Matthews held on for 3rd.

Our Late Model Sportsman division, running on Pro Stock slicks, finally got to run their 75 lap feature after 2 attempts. It was a historic day as Kenny MacKenzie Jr started up front and led wire-to-wire for the win over Brady Creamer. Creamer was gridlocked in a battle with Ken MacKenzie Sr and got the upper hand in the end. Chris Hughes made his first ever start at Petty in his Late Model, normally run at Oyster Bed Speedway, taking 4th after starting 11th. Matt Maillet rounded out the top 5.

We thank everyone for coming to Petty International Raceway in 2016 as a driver, crew member, sponsor, fan and staff member. We appreciate your support and we'll see you back in 2017!
Atlantic Modified Tour
50 Laps

1. 2 Tom Betts
2. 48 Kevin Bailey
3. 98 Mike Raeburn
4. 75 Doug Matchett
5. 68 Peter Chisholm
6. 10 Riley Forst
7. 12 Steven Curtis
8. 1 Justin Beers
9. 17 Joe Hoyt
10. 71 Mervyn Lemon
11. 15 Mark McCully
Limited Late Model 
75 Laps

1. 85 Ken MacKenzie Jr
2. 10 Brady Creamer
3. 41 Ken MacKenzie
4. 32 Chris Hughes
5. 29 Matt Maillet
6. 92 Neal Crawford
7. 19 Wayne Smith
8. 94 Ryan Raynes
9. 77 Randy Millar
10. 88 Luc Bourgeois
11. 5 Kyle Orr
12. 53 Laurie Cormier

Heat Winners (Sept 25) - 11 Jordan Veinotte, 85 Ken MacKenzie Jr
Mister Transmission Mini Stock
25 Laps - MSM completion from Sept 25

1.  99 Dave Matthews
2.  58 Logan Power
3.  10 Patricia Taylor
4.  5 Scott Habkirk
5.  53 Eugene Weagle
6.  72 Rob Boutilier/Keith Wasson
7.  86 Tim Webster
8.  60 Mike Weagle
9.  0 Rob Poirier
10.  30 Chantel Ackles
11.  81 JR Lawson
12.  94 Deven Smith
13.  22 Kyle MacKinnon
14.  96 Devon Stewart
15.  13 Harley Cornish
16.  55 Tony Belliveau
17.  00 Martin Landry
18.  01 Ricky Arbeau
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