July 27/17

Official full results for the July 21/22 double-header event are now live and can be found here!

Apologies for the delay, we had some technical issues!

Aug 1/17

Regarding Tire Rule change announced July 27/17: Petty will remain on slicks only for the remainder of 2017. And to compensate for those who were inconvenienced we will supply all cars with 4 1070's at no charge at the upcoming Caleb Dunn Memorial event.

Aug 3/17

This weekend is our 5th Annual Caleb Dunn Memorial event with racing from all 6 house divisions, including the second leg of the Street Stock Triple Crown and 100 laps of Limited Late Model action.

July 27/17

Attention Limited Late Model Teams: For the August 5th Petty Raceway event, Teams running 890 series tires will be 150lbs lighter and 1% more left side weight. Teams running slicks, rules remain the same.

July 18/17

This weekend will see our first double-header event with house division racing Friday, July 21 featuring Women on Wheels, Mini, Street Stock, and a 100 lap Limited Late Model event. In support of Salisbury Helping Hands Food Bank, admission will be $10 with the donation of a non-perishable food item.

Saturday, July 22 sees the return of the Parts for Truck Pro Stock Tour for their second of three appearances at Petty International Raceway. In addition, the Maritime League of Legends and our Bandolero division will see action as well!

Please note:  Camping will be at a charge of $25 for the weekend (includes both nights) and is restricted to designated areas. Do not park in reserved sites - you will be towed. Please see our campsite plan under Fan Info.
July 22 Format
July 21 Format
Updated July 18/17

Updates to our Camping Site Plan have been completed. Please see image under Fan Info section for new areas and site numbers.
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July 12/17

Our third annual Demolition Derby event was a huge success with a great car count, perfect weather, and plenty of carnage! Full results here.

June 20/17

Any rear wheel or front wheel drive cars up to a maximum of a 6 cylinder motor are allowed.
You can drive it or tow it to our facility the only requirements are all glass must be removed except the front windshield and must have the doors tied shut.
Seatbelts and helmets are mandatory.

Note:  Feel free to beef up the safety like adding window nets and door plates

July 25/17

Please note: Our website is currently undergoing a facelift! We hope to complete the update by this weekend. In the meantime, please excuse any outdated pages. Thanks!

July 25/17

Unofficial Quick Results for weekend of July 21/22:
1. 18 Josh Langille
2. 44 Nathan Blackburn
3. 12 Sam Rogers
4. 87 Danny Chisholm
5. 03 Colton Noble
1. 85 Ken Mackenzie Jr
2. 11 Craig Slaunwhite
3. 92 Neal Crawford
4. 41 Shawn Turple
5. 3 Justin Beers
Street Stock
1. 1 James Matchett
2. 2 Chuck Mercer
3. 42 Mike Duskey
4. 58 Logan Power
5. 55 Ryan Richard
1. 81 JR Lawson
2. 60 Mike Weagle
3. 89 Mike Edwards
4. 86 Tim Webster
5. 5 Scott Habkirk
Women on Wheels
1. 44 Brenda Shortell
2. 88 Paula Evans
3. 76 Ellen Smith
4. 2 Lauralee Blackburn
5. 41 Kaila Smith
Full results coming soon...
Aug 5/17

Unofficial Quick Results for 5th Annual Caleb Dunn Memorial:
Women on Wheels
1. 88 Paula Evans
2. 2 Ashley Campbell
3. 44 Brenda Shortell
4. 48 Lauralee Blackburn
5. 85 Amanda Llewellyn
1. 81 JR Lawson
2. 86 Tim Webster
3. 66 Chris Garnett
4. 89 Mike Edwards
5. 00 Mike Savoie
Street Stock
1. 1 James Matchett
2. 87 Nick Cudmore
3. 42 Mike Duskey
4. 58 Logan Power
5. 68 Michael Cormier
1. 85 Ken Mackenzie Jr
2. 41 Alexandra O'Blenis
3. 11 Jordan Veinotte
4. 92 Neal Crawford
5. 3 Justin Beers
1. 27 Austin MacDonald
2. 12 Sam Rogers
3. 44 Nathan Blackburn
4. 03 Colton Noble
5. 11 Koven Lewis
Official full results coming soon...
1. 89 Mike Raeburn
2. 81 Cody Price
3. 75 Doug Matchett
4. 51w Chris Wilson
5. 64 Paul Costain

Aug 11/17

*Updated Aug 16/17 - Official results now posted.

Unofficial full results and race recap for the 5th Annual Caleb Dunn Memorial event are now live and can be found here!

Any questions or concerns please contact craig@pettyraceway.com

Aug 20/17

The 53rd Annual River Glade International weekend is only 1 week away! Friday night will see racing action in 4 house divisions - Mini, SS, AMT, and capped off with a 125 lap LLM main event. Saturday the Parts for Trucks Pro Stock Tour returns for their final visit this season and will be turning 200 laps for their half of the International. The League of Legends along with Bandolero's will be supporting classes.

Thursday night we will be hosting an open practice 5:30pm to dusk. $20 per car, $10 per person. Free grandstand admission.

Formats coming soon!